Medeas Consortium asks European Leaders to act

During the last four years, our consortium have been developing an advanced modelling tool to create, modify and test new and existing policies which could support the transition to a more sustainable European Energy system, based on renewable energy sources. We believe this tool can help the policy makers and scientists to plan and further realize the necessary actions in order to avoid the catastrophic consequences of the climate change.


The European Commission has launched an ambitious strategy for achieving a carbon-neutral society in Europe by 2050. Tackling questions such as what this transition involves, which challenges must be overcome and what policies must be implemented is now more important than ever. 

MEDEAS project has studied the transition to a low carbon socio-economy through the analysis of different future evolution pathways regarding GHG emissions, energy supply-demand and biophysical resources (raw materials, land and water) required. At MEDEAS we found that:

  • There will be a counterintuitive increase of GHG emissions in the beginning of the transition, which appears essential to power the renewable energy deployment. 
  • The increasing amount of biophysical resources are required for the renewable energy sources deployment. 
  • The current implementation rates of renewable energy sources are not sufficient for the EU to become a carbon free socio-economy by 2050.
  • If the transition is delayed/avoided the consequences for the EU will be very serious. The projections show huge negative impacts on employment, economic activities and planned GHG emissions reduction.
  • Providing enough storage capacity will be key to counteract the intermittency of renewable energies.
  • Electrification of all economic sectors will be required to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels.

According to these findings, we ask EU authorities for:

  1. legislating for a massive and urgent renewable energy sources deployment in EU, with concrete measures and deadlines before 2030. 
  2. devoting immediately the necessary investments from public and private sectors to address such urgency.
  3.  phasing out the fossil fuel with the help of EU subsidies. 
  4.  addressing the necessary policies for conducting societal changes required for a decarbonized socio-economy within the biophysical limits

We hope that our findings will be taken into consideration and actions will be taken without delay. 


We ask you to sign this letter for supporting the before mentioned actions based on the findings of MEDEAS.

With all the supports achieved we will send this letter to the EU Parliament and Commission

By subscribing, you give approval to display your name on this website as a signatory of the open letter.

We hold your information for the following purposes:

To report to the European Commission (EC) in accordance with our contract with them. Information will be retained for 5 years after the end of the MEDEAS contract in accordance with EC rules


List of signatories Occupation Country
Pratik Patil Researcher Austria
Tolga Kara Jr. Atmospheric Scientist Türkiye
Juan José Hermida Lago Profesor Enseñanza Secundaria España
Melón No tecnnical background, but I support this claim Gaia
Jonas Deuermeier Researcher Portugal
Stephen Gwynne Political Ecologist UK
David Martín López Especialista de ventas multinacional España
Daniel Ruiz Researcher Spain
Erika Aesthetics USA
Erika Aesthetics USA
Nathan Surendran Transition Engineer New Zealand
Ferran Puig Vilar Engineer España
Carlos Lorenz Benlloch High School Teacher Spain
lukas eggler scientific officer austria
Thibaut Faucon Engineer FRANCE
František Juřík Driver Czech Republic
Ivo Kropáček waste expert Česko
Kateřina Mišovičová Student Czech republic
Kateřina Mišovičová Prague Czech republic
Kristýna Kyánková Coordinator of volunteers FOE Czechia Czech Republic
Dr. Christoph Musik Researcher Austria
Andres Felipe Correa Machado Student Vienna
Alabiso Andrea Worker, student and activist Italy
Marco Olobardi Business Continuity Consultant, Retired Italy
Patricia Bautista de Lisbona Puig Shoemaker Spain
Xavier Pallarés Vidal Computer Technician Catalunya, Spain
Pelai Joly Ribas Jubilat Catalunya
Miquel Molinas Bort Teacher Spain
Núria Gassó biologist Catalonia, Spain
Oscar Corona malacara Empleado Mexico
Luis Montalvo HSE Catalonia, Spain
Sílvia Joly Biologist Catalonia
Jaume Avila Ballart IT Catalonia
Víctor Sastre Ribes Tėcnico de inclusión Laboral España
Víctor Sastre Ribes Tėcnico inclusión Laboral España
Angie lorena fernandez parra Gestora comercial de seguros España
Alexandre Collado Lario Teacher Catalunya, Spain
Alicia Cuéllar Técnica España
Damià Jiménez Teacher Catalonia (Sapin)
David William Toussaint Landlord U.K.
Amelia Nicola Burke director fabricants de futur ngo Spain
Mª Nieves casajuana Filella Chairwoman Revo Prosperidad Sostenible Spain
Alejandro Fernandez Rodriguez Engineer Spain
MIGUEL MAS PEREIRO Firefighter Spain
Davide Natalini Researcher United Kingdom
Sara Falsini Researcher ITALY
Mauro Giovannini Artigiano Italia
Joan Llort Researcher Spain
María Montserrat Pozo Artist Spain
Ilaria Perissi researcher Italia
Eduardo Aguilera Fernández Post-Doc Researcher Spain
Jesús Díez Sancho Teacher Spain
Begoña de Bernardo Miño Agroturismo Galicia-España
OSCAR CUSANO Desempleado España
Gabriel Perez Educator Spain
Norma Quesada Teacher United States
José Félix Fernández Teacher Spain
Esther Garrido Administrativa Spain
Marta Odriozola retired Spain
José Luis Sánchez Engineer Spain
Luis González Reyes Educator Spain
Patricia Oliván Muro Fisioterapeuta Spain
María Martín Vivaldi bueso Bibliotecas España
Ángel M. Engineer Spain
Enrique Muñoz Ulecia PhD Student Spain
Ana María Sierra Muriel Desempleada España
Inés Astorga Doncel- Moriano Administrativa España
Andrés Ortega Felipe Funcionario de Instituciones Penitenciarias. España
Jesús Corrales Mota Subcontrata España
María Isabel Recuero Tejeda T Aux Enfermería SPAIN
Moisés Casado EMT Catalonia
Arrate Lopez Markina Educational and environmental programs technician Basque Country (Spain)
Vicent Cucarella Tormo Economist Spain
Dolors Nogueras Teacher Spain
Joaquim Nogueras Raig Physician Spain
Veronica Aneris Transport and environment Italy
Arnau Boix i Pi Arlequin Catalonia, Spain
Jordi Solé Scientist, MEDEAS PI Catalonia (Spain)
Romana Kaclíková Energy Campaigner Czech republic
Jérémie Anderlin Developer Belgium