Hnuti DUHA (HD) is the largest environmental NGO in the Czech Republic. With 30+ staff and a number of volunteers, we work on issues ranging from climate and energy, forests and biodiversity, resources and waste recycling, as well as general environmental policy.

The mission of Hnuti DUHA is to secure clean and healthy environment for everyone and to promote civic society development. HD has over 20 years of experience in cooperating with scientists and using scientific knowledge in large-scale information campaigns understandable for broad public. HD intensively supports people to take an active part in civil society development and it motivates them to lead environmentally friendly lifestyle. Our media outputs effectively reach hundreds of thousands of people (confirmed by press monitoring).  The organization has 10 local groups and it is divided into four program units covering the following agenda:

  •  Energy Program focuses on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and raising public awareness on climate change issues.
  •  Waste Management Program works in order to increase resource efficiency, recycling promotion and general transfer to a society that uses waste in a strategic and sustainable way. 
  •  Forestry Program works on protected areas, education of adults and staff from other NGOs, biodiversity protection, environmental forestry and forest management.
  •  Sustainable Consumption Program deals with local farming issues, sustainable consumption and agriculture in the Czech Republic.

DUHA has been involved in dozens of international projects with significant proportion of EU funding, both as leader and partner.


Tomas Jagos is a member of a team of energy experts at DUHA which focuses on sustainable environmental legislation and citizen mobilization. His field of expertize include renewable energy resources, legislative measures and advocacy work. In MEDEAS he is responsible for outreach activities and dissemination of project outcomes.