Impacts & Policies

White Book of Recommendations

In the framework of the MEDEAS project, a White Book on policy recommendations was developed with the aim to identify and propose policy recommendations for the transition to a low carbon economy in a way that will safeguard socio-economic competitiveness, protection of the environment, creation of quality jobs and social welfare

The MEDEAS White Book is based on MEDEAS project results, including scenario analysis, impacts analysis and identification of policy priorities supported additionally by extensive literature review. It consists of 14 Chapters which include one introductory chapter and one chapter discussing conclusions. The 12 main chapters concentrate on key issues and challenges for the transition to a low carbon economy and span across multiple and intersectoral aspects of the transition from electricity system upgrade to raw materials and social adaptations. Each Chapter is authored by an authoring team consisting of specific members of the MEDEAS consortium, according to their expertise and work in MEDEAS project.

The MEDEAS White Book highlights the relevance of the issues addressed in the areas of electricity grid upgrade, transport electrification, the role of natural gas, energy efficiency, energy costs, financing cross-border energy infrastructure, price regulation, raw materials and re-cycling, environmental impacts, social and behavioural adaptations, economic development and climate change adaptation. On the basis of the analysis it derives recommendations for long-term policy and policy modelling.

You can download the MEDEAS White book here.