H2020 Contractors' Workshop on Energy System Modeling

On June 30, 2016 INEA organized a workshop on Energy System Modeling with the objective to bring together the four H2020 projects funded under the topic "LCE 21 – 2015: Modeling and analyzing the energy system, its transformation and impacts" and allow the identification of possible synergies and/or overlaps. Apart from MEDEAS representatives, the workshop was attended by representatives from INEA, DG ENER, DG RTD and JRC, as well as participants of the H2020 projects REEEM, REFLEX and SET-Nav.

The workshop included short presentations of the modeling and dissemination parts of the projects, followed by discussions focusing on the design of a strategy for collaboration and exchange of information between the projects in order to maximize their impacts. Potential areas of collaboration that were identified included methodological issues, scenarios development, data collection and data elaboration, as well as dissemination and exploitation of results. It is worth mentioning, that in all projects a strong emphasis is put on stakeholders' engagement and dissemination of activities to relevant actors, such as policy makers.

Since all projects aim at supporting policy makers in the identification of the best strategies for a transition to an efficient low carbon economy, another scope of the workshop was to identify possible inputs required by policy makers and vice-versa.