MEDEAS participated in the Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) 2017

Logo Energy Modelling Platform for Europe

The first Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) was organized by REEEM project (part of LCE-21 projects) between 17th and 18th May 2017 in Brussels. The objective of this first EMP-E meeting was to provide a peer-reviewed digest of model and policy insights for European energy scenario projects. It aimed to initiate a long-term forum for exchanging research, development and practice of energy system modelling in Europe and, where feasible, promote the sharing of data and resources and improve the efficiency of research in the area. MEDEAS project participated with a presentation on "Openness, sharing and reproducibility", held by Jordi Solé Ollé from CSIC. The abstract of this presentation and the EMP-E Agenda can be found here.