MEDEAS, represented by Prof. Ugo Bardi (INSTM) spoke about MEDEAS project at the University of Tehran in an event sponsored by the Sharif University

Prof Bardi spoke to the students of the engineering faculty engaged in research about agriculture and food production in a special talk organized by prof. Hossein Mousazadeh on October 13, 2019. The talk included an explanation of the MEDEAS approach to climate change and its modelling methods.

The talk highlighted how the EROEI topic is crucial for a country like Iran, whose economy is based on fossil fuels exploitation. The national oil resources are not infinite and the gradual loss of demand worldwide is going to bring Iran to a point where it will have to cease to be an oil-based economy. These are the same challenges faced by all countries in the world: abandon oil and move to an economy based on renewable energy. It is a difficult challenge that won't probably be met without trauma and suffering, but it is not a choice. Willing or not, all have to go in that direction.

Professor Bardi also highlighted that, facing this difficult challenge, Iran has some advantages. One is that of being at the hub of the nascent Eurasian exchange zone. Another is to be a well-insulated country that makes it especially suitable for solar energy. The Iranian nation is kept together by strong cultural traditions and linguistic ties. It has survived tremendous challenges in the recent past, it has a chance to survive the new ones that will come.

More information about the event can be found here.