Organisation of the 1st Board of Stakeholders meeting of MEDEAS

The 1st Board of Stakeholders meeting of the MEDEAS project “Presentation and Discussion on the MEDEAS model: structure, features, hypotheses” will take place on the 12th December 2017 between 11:00-13:00 CET. The meeting will be conducted in the form of a webinar. The expected attendance of the two-hour event is 11 stakeholders.

During the meeting, the stakeholders will be introduced to the MEDEAS project, the MEDEAS World model structure and the main hypotheses and assumptions of the model. The possible policy targets and the simulated scenarios and results of the model will also be presented to stakeholders. The main focus of the meeting is to exchange with stakeholders and receive their feedback, input and suggestions regarding the MEDEAS world model in particular relatively to the model’s limitations and further developments.