Scientific publication "The Sower’s Way: A Strategy to Attain the Energy Transition" based on MEDEAS project results

MEDEAS partners from INSTM have just published a scientific article in the International Journal of Heat and Technology, entitled "The Sower’s Way: A Strategy to Attain the Energy Transition".

The energy transition from fossil fuels toward renewable energy resources can be seen as a process similar to the challenge faced by ancient farmers who had to save some of their harvests as seed for the next harvest: we need to save and invest part of the energy produced by fossil fuels in order to build their own replacement in the form of renewable energy plants. This strategy is called here "the Sower’s Way".

The calculations to quantify the allocation of the energy necessary today to attain the transition (represented by the curves in the figure) indicate that a considerable increase in renewable energy installations and plants is necessary and that it is essential to invest, as soon as possible, in their implementation.

The complete article can be found here.