Outreach article in the journal 15/15\15

April, 2016

An article introducing MEDEAS project was published in journal 15/15\15, which focuses on the challenges that must be faced by our society in the near future. The main areas covered in this outreach journal are climate change and energy resources, dealing in specific with important scientific questions and socioeconomic implications related to the impacts of climate and resources depletion, targeting mainly general non-specialized readers. The MEDEAS project article that was published presents the project’s main objectives and expected results, emphasizing on the MEDEAS model construction and resource limitations analysis. It is planned to, periodically, disseminate MEDEAS results with further articles in the journal, summarizing the progressive achievements of the project. Journal webpage: https://www.15-15-15.org/webzine/presentacio-ca/

Persons involved
  • Jordi Solé