Scientific Paper "Highlighting the Archetypes of Sustainability management by means of Simple Dynamics Models" based on MEDEAS Project Results

October, 2019

The scientific paper "Highlighting the Archetypes of Sustainability management by means of Simple Dynamics Models", authored by Ilaria Perissi from INSTM, MEDEAS partner, has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Simulation within the special issue “Model-Based Governance in a Sustainable World: Achieving Effective Impacts through Policy Modelling 2.0”. 

In recent months, we are witnessing a global demonstration of people, predominantly young, spreading a clear message: “we must do something against climate change and do it immediately, the way we live is no longer sustainable”. Despite the urgency of the actions most of the people are not expert in sustainability, thus it is not always trivial to identify the effectiveness of any action, promoted by the collective or individuals, in changing our lifestyle. In the present work, a set of simple system dynamics models are proposed with the aim of helping the understanding and the teaching of Sustainability and sustainable dynamics to young people and non-specialist. In particular, the study, inspired by the “World Dynamics” work of Jay Forrester, will focus on modelling the dynamics of energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables energy, which is recognised as a priority in fighting climate change and in granting the future society with a clean and long-lasting energy supply.


Persons involved
  • Ilaria Perissi