BSERC - Black Sea Energy Research Centre

The Black Sea Energy Research Centre (BSERC, is an association of energy experts, successor of the Black Sea Regional Energy Centre, which was established in 1995 with a purpose to support the implementation of the EU energy policy in the Black Sea region.

The BSERC is actively involved in the Bulgarian energy sector research in the following fields: energy strategy and harmonization of the Bulgarian energy legislation with the EU legislation, security of energy supply, sustainable development - use of renewable energy sources (RES), energy efficiency and rational use of energy, and climate change mitigation. The Centre has been involved in numerous projects funded by national and international financing institutions and programmes, i.e. the EU FP6, FP7 and “Intelligent energy – Europe” programmes, EBRD, USAID, etc.

Presently the BSERC’s team includes 10 energy experts – 2 professors, 2 assoc. professors and senior experts, and supporting staff.  In addition, the Centre closely cooperates with energy institutions and experts in all countries in the Black Sea region.


Dr. Lulin Radulov is the manager of BSERC. He is an electrical engineer and an associated professor with more than 20 years’ experience in reliability of energy supply, liberalization of energy markets, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and climate change policy. He is leading the policy analysis and implementation strategies in MEDEAS.

Mr. Angel Nikolaev is researcher in energy policy and economics at BSERC. His expertise includes: cost-benefit analyses of policies and projects; modelling of long-term energy and climate scenarios using LEAP tool; and multi-criteria assessment of these scenarios using AMS method. His main role in MEDEAS is to model the Bulgarian energy sector in LEAP.