MEDEAS "Modelling the Energy Development under Environmental And Socioeconomic constraints" aims to create a new computational model that will define the future of the energy system in Europe, taking into account physical as well as social constraints. MEDEAS will develop an advanced modelling tool to create, modify and test new and existing policies which could support the transition to a more sustainable European Energy system, based on renewable energy sources.

The transition to a low carbon economy needs to satisfy multiple (often competing) objectives including: socio-economic competitiveness, protection of the environment, creation of quality jobs, and social welfare. Policy-makers and other key stakeholders require more holistic tools which do not just focus on the energy sector, but consider the implications of policies on other domains including the economy, society and the environment. Currently, many tools lack sufficient integration of these important areas despite being tightly connected to the energy sector. Furthermore, current modelling tools often lack sufficient documentation, transparency and have been predominately developed for a specialised audience, which makes validation and comparison of results as well as independent review more challenging. The MEDEAS project aims to solve the current challenges of integration and transparency by developing a leading-edge policy-modelling tool.

The MEDEAS model will be based on WoLiM, will consider TIMES and LEAP models and will incorporate Input-Output Analysis, which supports the accounting of environmental, social and economic impacts. The modular design of the tool will provide it with the necessary flexibility to deal with different levels and interests of stakeholders, with a high sectorial, temporal and spatial resolution. Finally, transparency will be achieved through an open access freeware distribution of the model based on the open access programming language (Python), providing a detailed user manual, addressed to a wider non-specialist audience, and including free internet courses and learning materials.