Stakeholders board

MEDEAS project aims at developing an open-source tool that will be used by a wide range of stakeholders as well as the wider public.

The involvement of stakeholders and their interaction with the project development as early as possible will enhance this process through the provision of guidance and insight on all major decisions that need to be taken.

Specifically, the role of stakeholders is twofold:

  • they will support the project by reviewing the major project outcomes at different times and phases of the project
  • they will form an external opinion and assistance in policy issues for planning the next project actions.

The Stakeholders Board consist of a well-balanced mix of experts in different fields, related to the project (i.e. mode development, policy making and model customization).

The involvement of the Stakeholders Board in the project includes the organization of annual meetings from 2017 to 2019, as well as updates on the project results and outcomes. In specific, the meetings will take place either physically or virtually depending on the available resources, the stakeholders’ availability and preferences.

Information on the project will be disseminated regularly to the stakeholders to keep them updated on the project development and support their uninterrupted participation.

The stakeholders involved will have the opportunity to contribute their thoughts to a field very relevant to their expertise and therefore have their voices heard. Bringing together stakeholders of related or even different backgrounds will also provide an opportunity to meet and network with others who share common interests. The MEDEAS project welcomes this idea greatly, as it creates the grounds for developing new insights and learning.

Related upcoming events: 

  • July 2017 (Madrid): First contact with stakeholders to present the MEDEAS-WORLD model
  • November 2017 (Webinar): International event with stakeholders to present the MEDEAS-WORLD model